Sunday, March 17, 2013


BIOLOGY STUDENTS:  Please notice that this week's test on "Mendel, Meiosis and Mutations" has been moved to Thursday the 21st, which means that our After-School Study Session to prepare for the test begins at 4:15 on Wednesday afternoon in Room N-63.  

Students who attended the Study Session and completed their Cornell Style-Notes typically earned ten percent or higher on the SCANTRON and usually one letter grade, on average, than those who don't.  Thus, students who attend greatly increase their chances of earning a passing grade.

To assist you in preparing for Thursday's test, you will receive another Lecture Guide on "Mutations" this week, along with a Study Guide for Thursday's test.   Students, please plan your time wisely so that you can take advantage of these opportunities to raise your grade.

The last set of Power Point Notes can be found below:

A PDF of the Lecture Guide based upon the Power Point is available here.

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