Monday, March 4, 2013


Students! We are now in a new unit (Unit 7) focusing on genetics and material from Chapters 11 and 12 of our text.

Selected students also have Saturday School this Saturday, March 9th, between 8:15-11:45, in Room N-63.   Failure to attend without a parent contact will be treated as defiance and the student referred.

Meanwhile, here's the new syllabus for this Unit:

The lecture notes for the present unit on Genetics is available at this link. Students will be assigned a 70-point Project, a "Mendelian Genetics" booklet on Tuesday the 5th.  This booklet is due on Tuesday, March 12th.

They may find the notes, as well as their text (Chapter 11) are very helpful in completing this project. They have also received a Lecture Guide in Mendelian Genetics that covers this material, which will be due on Friday, March 8th.

Students who fail to hand in their BOOKLET by Tuesday, March 12th, may have the home contacted.

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