Monday, March 25, 2013


This is discouraging, but as of 3:00 on Monday afternoon your instructor is not able to access ATLAS.  All FUSD sites seems to be down, and have been down for much of the afternoon.

This means that it will be difficult, if not impossible, for some student work that has been graded to be added in time for it to show on the 3rd quarter progress report.   99 percent of the most recent tests for Environmental Science have been entered, but the most recent labs have not.   Some labwork has been entered for Biology, but the most recent tests have not.   All I can tell my students is that I share their frustration.

To be clear:  ALL OF THE WORK WILL BE ENTERED AS SOON AS IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO SO.   It just won't show on the progress report, which for some of my seniors is pretty critical.  I'm truly sorry.


As of today (3/26), Biology tests and scores on compositions books have been entered into ATLAS.   Most of these were added yesterday, so there is a good chance that at least this work might show on the progress report.  We won't know, of course, for some time.

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