Monday, November 15, 2010


The material for our current unit (Unit 4: Cellular Energetics) is detailed and builds heavily on both the material from Ch. 2 (The Chemistry of Life) and Ch. 7 (Cellular Structure and Function).

As such, there are several groups of notes of various sizes for students to access.

First, this Power Point contains an outline of photosynthesis, relating it to the 'Great Circle' of chemical reactions that all living things participate it (autotrophs and heterotrophs!), reactions which recycle the raw materials that life requires. Much of this material is covered in the first two sections of Chapter 8 in the Dragonfly Book.

The Power Point for Photosynthesis, Part I, is available here.

Photosynthesis, Part II provides much more detail about the light reactions, photosystems, the proton pumps that use the enzyme ATP synthase, the electron transport chains that help power those pumps. There is less detail about the 'dark reactions' of the Calvin cycle and other material which is not explicitly part of the state standards. This is covered in Section 8.3 of the Dragonfly Book.

You can download Photosynthesis, Part II here.

A third Power Point is somewhat brief, but has many helpful animations that help describe and explain the structure and function of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the main energy-carrying molecule used by living things.
.The fourth and final Power Point in this unit contains information about cellular respiration, including glycolysis (which takes place in the cytoplasm) and the Krebs Cycle (which takes place in the matrix of the mitochondria). The electrons produced in the Krebs Cycle move through the inner membrane, or cristae, of the mitochondria. The motion of these negatively-charged particles attracts protons (H+), and eventually a high concentration of protons within the membrane is available to drive 'proton pumps' that power an enzyme, ATP synthase, leading to the production of more ATP:

You can download the Power Point for Cellular Respiration here.


I have been forced to modify my syllabus due to the impact of some technology problems in last Wednesday's class and the imposition of a furlough day. Be advised of the following changes:

All of the Unit 4 assignments are due when students return to school after Thanksgiving Break, on Monday, Nov. 29th. This will also be the date for the AFTER-SCHOOL STUDY SESSION (3:15-5:30) for the Unit 4 Test.

The Unit 4 test has been moved back one week, to Tuesday, Nov. 30th. No work from Unit 4 will be accepted after this date. Students who miss their scheduled exam will receive a makeup test.

Saturday, November 6, 2010



DEAR PARENTS AND STUDENTS: This is Mr. Hatfield, your student's Biology teacher at Bullard.

I am VERY concerned that many parents and students are still unable to access grades and attendance on-line.

I am therefore providing this blog post with information on district resources now available, but I have also sent the same information out via email. If you did not receive an email with this information, please contact me immediately by sending an email to:

Parent ATLAS access is available NOW at

There is a link on the left side, as shown below:

Unfortunately, many students have either yet to learn how to access ATLAS themselves or have failed to share that information with the home. We have to correct that, immediately!