Friday, January 30, 2015


The following video has been shown in segments in class to Mr. Hatfield's Biology students.   To make sure that all students have the opportunity to review this video as many times as needed, a link to where it can be viewed on YouTube is embedded in this post!

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Parents and Students:

Please be advised that Mr. Hatfield will be collecting student's Interactive Notebooks at the end of class on Monday, January 26th.   Mr. Hatfield will be looking to see that the student has completed 'The Stages of Mitosis', a 40-point assignment that students were given significant class time to complete last week.

In this assignment, students should have pasted up four inserts on opposite pages in their Notebooks, each depicting a cartoon drawing of a theatrical stage.   It should look something like THIS:

Students were then expected to make 'cartoony' drawings of the phases of mitosis, as in these examples that were drawn on the whiteboard in class:

Finally, students were expected to add captions in the form of 'thought balloons' or 'word balloons', that would (as the above image suggests) make their drawings 'talk', offering some kind of comment on one of the phases.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Mr. Hatfield welcomes back all of his Biology students from the Fall 2014 semester!   

Overall, the performance of most students in the first semester met the course expectations.   In fact, one period had the highest pass rate (83 percent) in the fifteen years that Mr. Hatfield has taught Biology at Bullard High School, and taken together, all five sections had the best collective pass rate for any fall semester since 2006.

That's a sign that more students than usual figured out how to be successful earlier in the course.   To review, what makes a student successful?                                                                             
  • completing all Required Assignments (RA's) correctly, using complete sentences that refer to the original question that show evidence of reasoning                                                                          
  • always giving great effort, coming to class well-prepared and organized on exam days, in order to 'C.O.P.E.' with Mr. Hatfield's challenging exams                                                                               
  • using this course blog to its fullest to make sure you are organized (following the syllabus)                                                 
  • conscientiously completing your Interactive Notebook on a regular basis.   

For this semester, students should begin a new composition notebook.   Here is the slide that students should have in their notes to begin the first section of notes, entitled 'The Cell Cycle':