Monday, March 25, 2013


This is discouraging, but as of 3:00 on Monday afternoon your instructor is not able to access ATLAS.  All FUSD sites seems to be down, and have been down for much of the afternoon.

This means that it will be difficult, if not impossible, for some student work that has been graded to be added in time for it to show on the 3rd quarter progress report.   99 percent of the most recent tests for Environmental Science have been entered, but the most recent labs have not.   Some labwork has been entered for Biology, but the most recent tests have not.   All I can tell my students is that I share their frustration.

To be clear:  ALL OF THE WORK WILL BE ENTERED AS SOON AS IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO SO.   It just won't show on the progress report, which for some of my seniors is pretty critical.  I'm truly sorry.


As of today (3/26), Biology tests and scores on compositions books have been entered into ATLAS.   Most of these were added yesterday, so there is a good chance that at least this work might show on the progress report.  We won't know, of course, for some time.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE STUDENTS: Your next test on the atmosphere, air pollution and weather is happening this Wednesday (March 19th).  

Be advised you may work during lunch or after-school (during 7th period)---or both, if you need additional time. PLAN ACCORDINGLY. I don't want anyone to tell me on Wednesday they can't put extra time in at lunch or after-school. Plan your life so that if you need the extra time, you have it.


Here are the Power Point notes on Air Pressure and Weather. This does not contain the next set of notes, on global wind patterns and the magnetosphere, which are added below:

This Power Point covers some of the material in Chapter 13.1 of the Environmental Science text:


Students are allowed to use their Cornell Notes during the exam, but the Notes will be assessed during the examination period. If student's Notes are incomplete, or the Notes are present but not completed Cornell style (questions/comments, summaries , headings, highlighting, etc.), then the Notes will be confiscated. Students need to be prepared!


BIOLOGY STUDENTS:  Please notice that this week's test on "Mendel, Meiosis and Mutations" has been moved to Thursday the 21st, which means that our After-School Study Session to prepare for the test begins at 4:15 on Wednesday afternoon in Room N-63.  

Students who attended the Study Session and completed their Cornell Style-Notes typically earned ten percent or higher on the SCANTRON and usually one letter grade, on average, than those who don't.  Thus, students who attend greatly increase their chances of earning a passing grade.

To assist you in preparing for Thursday's test, you will receive another Lecture Guide on "Mutations" this week, along with a Study Guide for Thursday's test.   Students, please plan your time wisely so that you can take advantage of these opportunities to raise your grade.

The last set of Power Point Notes can be found below:

A PDF of the Lecture Guide based upon the Power Point is available here.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Students! We are now in a new unit (Unit 7) focusing on genetics and material from Chapters 11 and 12 of our text.

Selected students also have Saturday School this Saturday, March 9th, between 8:15-11:45, in Room N-63.   Failure to attend without a parent contact will be treated as defiance and the student referred.

Meanwhile, here's the new syllabus for this Unit:

The lecture notes for the present unit on Genetics is available at this link. Students will be assigned a 70-point Project, a "Mendelian Genetics" booklet on Tuesday the 5th.  This booklet is due on Tuesday, March 12th.

They may find the notes, as well as their text (Chapter 11) are very helpful in completing this project. They have also received a Lecture Guide in Mendelian Genetics that covers this material, which will be due on Friday, March 8th.

Students who fail to hand in their BOOKLET by Tuesday, March 12th, may have the home contacted.