Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Students, I hope you enjoyed your Spring Break.   Please see the new syllabus for Unit 7, below:

We now enter the 'home stretch' of the academic year.   Since many students are still struggling with below-average grades, this is a critical time for many of you.   Please work hard over the next nine weeks remaining.  And, speaking of hard work....

An important skill which you have been asked to rehearse repeatedly this semester involves creating electronic documents.   On the Poster Project, you were asked to include an APA-style bibliography of sources as part of your electronic document.   I have had this expectation of students for the last eight years, and in the past virtually all students demonstrated their ability to do this.

For whatever reason, this year many of my students have failed to do this, or seem unwilling to do this.   This is one of the major factors contributing to the high number of below-average grades in my course.

I AM NOT GOING TO CHANGE THIS ASPECT OF THE COURSE.  If you haven't yet mastered this skill, what are you waiting for?


Now, what needs to be done first as far as coursework?   Here's two items of great importance:

First, if you did not yet complete the Lecture Guide on Human Heredity, all the Power Point notes for that item can be found here:

The Power Point Notes for Human Heredity are available here.

Secondly, any other outstanding work from before Spring Break will be accepted through the end of school on Thursday, March 31st, but it is in fact late.   You can expect to receive a new Syllabus on that date for the next unit, which will be short and focus on human genetics and biotechnology.

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