Thursday, February 27, 2014


Students were shown the above 22-minute video segment during class on Tuesday, Feb. 25th.  

The video describes some of the events that take place in the development of a human infant's brain.   There was a worksheet based on this video, collected on the same day in class.   However, because there was a substitute, there may have been some confusion on what the expectation was.  And, of course, some students may not have been present during Tuesday's class.

So, to make sure that every student has an opportunity to complete the assignment and earn points in Mr. Hatfield's Biology classes, I am making both the worksheet and the video available through the class blog.   First, here is the video, broken into a pair of segments:

Students who are interested in watching other videos in this series can find them on the following YouTube channel:

Finally, for those who need a copy of the worksheet, it is available HERE.

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