Friday, February 7, 2014


Our current unit on Mendelian Genetics and Meiosis was originally scheduled to have conclude today (Friday, Feb. 7th).   Unfortunately, Mr. Hatfield's commitments to the Fresno Teachers Association's Bargaining Team have led to occasional unscheduled (but also unavoidable) absences.   Today's test has been rescheduled, therefore, for Friday, Feb. 14th.

Students will be provided a Study Guide on Tuesday, Feb. 11th.  Because of Mr. Hatfield's commitments, there will be NO After-School Study Session prior to the test.  Mr. Hatfield will be available in his room at noon on both Tuesday and Wednesday to answer any questions based on the Study Guide, but he will NOT be available after school due to FTA commitments.

Tuesday, Feb. 11th is ALSO when student's 70-point Project ("Mendelian Genetics Booklet") is also due: 

Students who do not provide the Booklet prior to the end of school on Tuesday can expect a home contact.   Mr. Hatfield would be gravely concerned about any student who is unable to finish the Booklet after four days, because that student will obviously be choosing not to prepare for next Friday's exam, and thus CHOOSING TO FAIL.   Don't do that, students!

Finally, to help students continue their study of Meiosis, Mr. Hatfield is making the PBS video shown in class ("Life's Greatest Miracle") available on-line, here:

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