Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Students! Here is the Power Point for the notes on 'The Nature of Science'. Your Lecture Guide, given out in class today (Tuesday, June 14th), is due at the beginning of Wednesday's class.

It is YOUR responsibility to complete your Cornell Notes, which are 50 percent of your grade in this course. Due to the large amounts of material that must be covered in a Summer School course, we must move at an accelerated pace. Therefore, when you complete the Lecture Guide, compare the Guide with your Notes. If there are any missing items in either the Lecture Guide or the Note, use the Power Point shown above to fill in the gaps.

If you don't have Power Point on your computer, don't worry . . . you can download a free program, Power Point Viewer, to see the notes!

It is your responsibility to gain access to this material. Students who are unable to upload the Power Points should contact the instructor immediately via email:


I can either email Power Points to students, or students may bring in a flash drive and I will copy it onto their drives....but it is the student's responsibility to gain access to the material.

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