Saturday, June 25, 2011


The latest Power Point in this unit contains information about cellular respiration, including glycolysis (which takes place in the cytoplasm) and the Krebs Cycle (which takes place in the matrix of the mitochondria). The electrons produced in the Krebs Cycle move through the inner membrane, or cristae, of the mitochondria. The motion of these negatively-charged particles attracts protons (H+), and eventually a high concentration of protons within the membrane is available to drive 'proton pumps' that power an enzyme, ATP synthase, leading to the production of more ATP:

You can download the Power Point for Cellular Respiration here.


The Lecture Guide on "Cellular Respiration" is due on Monday, June 27th. In the last three days we will be covering a great deal of material: cell division, phases of mitosis/meiosis, DNA structure and function, and an outline of transcription and translation.

FIFTY PERCENT of your course grade is based on your Cornell Notes, which must be submitted after the break on Thursday, June 30th, no exceptions. There will also be a FINAL EXAM on that day. You will receive a study guide from your instructor on Wednesday. Obviously, the pressure is on. You have to maintain your focus in order to complete all this work by the end of class on Thursday!!

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