Sunday, August 16, 2009


Welcome back, students, to Bullard High School, and this year's science course, entitled . . .!

Tomorrow (Monday, August 17th) is the first day of instruction in the 2009-2010 instructional year at Bullard High School. During the first class, you will meet your instructor, Mr. Hatfield (Hey! That's me!) . . .:)

In addition, you will be given information about the Course Contract, which you are expected to review with your parent or guardian and return for a grade. The Contract will spell out the basic Rules and Policies for the course, and also contains a pledge from Mr. Hatfield concerning the classroom's 'learning environment.' Mr. Hatfield will be working with all students to build that environment. Tomorrow's post will spell out the expectations of the Course Contract. During the school year, students will find it very handy to check the blog for course updates or links to important information. Students should set the following page as a Bookmark or saved location in their browser:

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