Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Environmental Science has a public policy dimension: the findings of science are used to inform decision-making about how to best manage and conserve resources.

Scientists who are unable to address the concerns of politicians and civic interest groups will not be able to influence the decision-making process!

To raise student awareness about this aspect of Environmental Science, students are expected to produce an 'Environmental News Journal'. This will involve creating a booklet containing 10 news articles from between August 1st and September 18th:

The articles may come from a newspaper or the Internet. Students must properly cite their sources APA Style (Mr. Hatfield will show you how!)

Each article must be followed by a summary of that article written by the student. An adequate summary would be at least one paragraph of at least 75 words, and an outstanding summary is likely to be more than one paragraph and in excess of 125 words.

Remember to check the class blog for information:

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