Saturday, May 2, 2009


With the state tests behind us, our Biology classes can now go back to doing the sort of things we did before testing schedules.

On Monday, May 4th, students will receive their first syllabus in more than a month. It will list many of the assessments that we have already attempted, including homework assignments (RA's) for extra credit. Because so many students have been in and out of school during the last three weeks, anything shown on the syllabus is still fair game and will be accepted through May 14th. We want to give all students a reasonable opportunity to catch up.

To further assist, I am embedding a low-res version of a two-hour episode from PBS's 'Evolution' series. We will eventually see all of this, but many students were not in class on Thursday and Friday due to makeups. We essentially covered the first 33 minutes of the video, and will take up in class with the segment that begins with Charles Darwin and Emma Wedgwood engaged in archery.

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