Saturday, May 30, 2009


Evolution Essay:

My students have been given a 300-point assignment....which is a lot of points!

The assignment is to write a guided essay on one of four topics from a specific prompt, based upon original research and completed in an appropriate editorial style (APA) in terms of citations within the text and the bibliography (list of sources) at the end of the paper. Students were expected to submit photocopies or printouts of sources by Friday the 22nd, and a rough draft by Wednesday the 26th.

Now, Mr. Hatfield has received some first drafts, but not anywhere as many as he would like. These papers will be available on Monday the 1st, at which time students will have essentially a week to complete their final draft, which is due on the day of their scheduled final (June 8th-10th). To assist students, Mr. Hatfield will review APA style in class on June 1st-3rd. The APA style guide is also available online here as a PDF file.

Mr. Hatfield is concerned about those students who have not submitted sources to be approved, much less a first draft. It would be a very poor choice to not attempt a 300-point assignment right before the end of the course, and the point of submitting a rough draft in advance is to give the instructor time to review and offer suggestions to improve the paper and increase the chances of the student earning the highest possible grade.

Students, please take this assignment seriously! Parents, please encourage your students to give this their best effort!

Mr. Hatfield

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