Saturday, January 24, 2009


Here's the link that will take you to the Power Point containing the notes I've given in class on Mendel's experiments, probability and meiosis. The Lecture Guide (available here as a PDF file) is based upon these notes and it is due at the end of Monday's class, Jan. 26th. This will be graded and returned to you immediately so you can use it to help prepare for Thursday's test.

Also due on Monday: LAB 16 ("Toothpick Chromosomes"). You should have the data and questions answered on the handout and a sheet of paper attached to it that contains Punnett squares for each of the five crosses modeled in the lab.

Also, if you were not in class on Friday, Jan. 23rd, I collected a handout called "Practicing Punnett Squares". This assignment is not listed in the Syllabus, but was added because so many students needed more practice with this skill. Because we are 'slowing down' the pace of instruction to give you more rehearsal time, we will not do LAB 18 ("The Geography of the Chromosome") in this unit.

The three RA (Required Assignments), which are questions from the textbook in Chapters 11 and 14, are still be accepted for full credit. The answers should be typed up and submitted to the homework bin in class.

You will receive a Study Guide for your Unit Test on Monday. We will give you class time on both Monday and Wednesday to complete class work, including our Mendelian Genetics Booklet, which is due the day of the exam (Thursday). Completing the booklet is important, because it helps you prepare for the exam on Thursday.

Finally, there is a Study Session after school between 4:15 and 6:00 on Wednesday, January 28th. Students who attend this and participate authentically can earn extra-credit as well as get valuable feedback about what's likely to be on the test.

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