Friday, May 20, 2016


Students, we have reached the end of the semester.   That means a number of things:

  • First, as of Monday the 23rd, Mr. Hatfield is no longer taking any work from the previously-completed Unit 7, which ended on Thursday, May 11th.   The only work now being accepted is from Unit 8, shown below in the FINAL SYLLABUS.   Focus on the work that can make a difference.

  • The due dates for the first and second drafts of your Evolution Essay are now past due.  Mr. Hatfield has placed these items on the FINAL SYLLABUS and is still accepting them for full credit.   However, with only 13 days of instruction remaining, students have very little time to take advantage of these items, which allow you to receive detailed feedback from Mr. Hatfield to help you improve your final submission.   Make wise decisions with the time remaining.

  • As shown in the FINAL SYLLABUS, the final exam for Biology students will be given between Monday, June 6th and Wednesday, June 8th.  The final day of instruction (June 9th) is a minimum day, and Mr. Hatfield will not be available on that date to help students makeup their exam.   Plan on attending your final exam as scheduled.

  • Some students have passed or are about to pass the point where it is mathematically possible for them to pass the course.  That is unfortunate, but it is also a reality.  Mr. Hatfield will provide those students with documentation prior to the Memorial Day holiday, so they can meet with their counselor before semester's end.  Poor choices in the past can't be changed, but better choices now can lead to a better future.

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