Friday, January 8, 2016


Students, I hope you enjoyed your winter break.   

The nature of the spring semester is that there will be several smaller holidays, many of them three-day weekends in January and February.   

To help you plan ahead, I have identified those days in your Unit 5 syllabus, below:

Please notice that we're going to continue to do TEXT COLLABORATION: 

That is, all of you will be expected to READ THE TEXT IN CLASS and (working in groups) SUBMIT PACKETS BASED ON THE TEXT. Students who fail to do this will lose points, and not be eligible to submit the EXTRA CREDIT 'RA' HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS. 

So, your success this semester will really have a lot to do with READING THE TEXT, AND RESPONDING TO THE TEXT.

We will begin Unit 5 (and 2016!) with a special 50-point assignment called 'Reviewing the Fall Semester'.   You can obtain that assignment as a PDF file here.

To help review, I am embedding the Power Point Notes on the Cell Cycle below:

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