Sunday, August 23, 2015


Students:  in this post you will find links to download all of the Power Point Notes given in the first week of instruction.   

You will use these Notes to complete the Lecture Guide given in class on Friday.   The purpose of the Lecture Guide is not only for you to make sure you have all the given material in your Interactive Notebook, but to answer questions that apply the Notes.

You can download the first set of Notes, called "Introduction to Biology", HERE.    

If you haven't done this yet, Students, it's pretty important that you do.  For example, these Notes cover the Course Contract that every student and parent/guardian should've completed and returned last week:  

The Notes also lay out the structure for the learning environment:  the three Classroom Rules, along with VARIOUS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES:

The Notes emphasize the importance of practicing Lab Safety in a science classroom, including the '3-D's':  things that, should they occur, would lead to an instructor taking immediate action:

The Notes also start providing the guidelines on how to keep your INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK. Learning how to do this and keeping your Notebook faithfully is an important part of your course grade:

Just as important is how you answer questions in Mr. Hatfield's classes.  In many cases, students learn more from HOW they go about answering questions in science than from memorizing answers. To promote this kind of learning, Mr. Hatfield often has specific assignments from the textbook, called RA (REQUIRED ASSIGNMENTS), and the Power Point Notes explains how these assignments should be approached:

But what if you don't have Power Point on your home computer or mobile device?

The answer is surprisingly simple:  Fresno Unified has a policy that allows each student to download copies of Microsoft Office to their devices, for FREE.   Just go here:

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