Thursday, February 19, 2015



Just as a reminder, you have a major 100-point assignment due in this course this Friday!

This assignment requires you to create an electronic document and attach that document to an email, which should then be sent to your instructor's email address.

This assignment, called 'A Twist of Fate', is based on the true story of how Watson and Crick  determined the structure of DNA.

You can find a PDF of that assignment here.

Failure to attempt the assignment by midnight on Friday, February 20th, will lead to a home contact and likely discipline.

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Kejhiana Beasley said...

This article is about how Watson and Crick had found the "secret of life". Watson and Crick started studying genetics. They used two related bacteria's called smooth and rough colonies. Rosalind Franklin was creating the best X-Ray diffraction. Franklin believed deeply that you should do a experiment before a theory. The two scientists Wilkins and Watson didn't like each other. My opinion of this article is that there are amazing scientists that lived and some good ones that are still living.