Saturday, January 24, 2015


Parents and Students:

Please be advised that Mr. Hatfield will be collecting student's Interactive Notebooks at the end of class on Monday, January 26th.   Mr. Hatfield will be looking to see that the student has completed 'The Stages of Mitosis', a 40-point assignment that students were given significant class time to complete last week.

In this assignment, students should have pasted up four inserts on opposite pages in their Notebooks, each depicting a cartoon drawing of a theatrical stage.   It should look something like THIS:

Students were then expected to make 'cartoony' drawings of the phases of mitosis, as in these examples that were drawn on the whiteboard in class:

Finally, students were expected to add captions in the form of 'thought balloons' or 'word balloons', that would (as the above image suggests) make their drawings 'talk', offering some kind of comment on one of the phases.

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