Sunday, September 7, 2014


Many important dates and facts in this post, Biology students...and parents of Biology students!   Read on....

First and foremost, "Back-To-School Knight" happens on Monday, Sept. 8th, beginning at 5:30.   Mr. Hatfield's students and parents are encouraged to attend.   There will be a sign-in sheet for parents and guardians, and students will earn extra credit if they are represented.   Parents will receive information about Mr. Hatfield's expectations for Lecture (completing your Interactive Notes) and for doing homework (The RA).

Obviously, if these items are what Mr. Hatfield emphasizes at "Back-To-School Knight", then these are the items that are important for students to know as well.  

STUDENTS:  Make sure you have used the Lecture Guides and the Power Point Notes available on-line to complete the 'INPUT' which are to appear on the left-handed pages of your Biology notebook.  Make sure you know what 'OUTPUT' pages should be completed on right-handed pages, and how to answer questions on the Required Assignments!

On Wednesday, Sept 10th, there will be a Study Session after school in Room N-63, from 3:15 to 4:45.   Students who attend will receive extra credit in the course for participating, and have their questions answered about what to expect on their first Unit Test.   The Study Session is based on a Study Guide given in class on Monday, Sept. 8th, which includes this vocabulary list:

   A PDF of the FULL Study Guide is available here.

STUDENTS:  Please consider planning ahead and attending the Study Session.  It will be on a "first come, first served" basis and there will be a signup sheet.

On Thursday, Sept. 12th, Mr. Hatfield's Biology classes will have their first Unit Test.   The topics covered will included scientific method, the metric system, the hypothesis,  how to design experiments, scientific notation and the 'characteristics of life.'   Students may need additional time to complete the test.   On test days, Mr. Hatfield will be in his room during lunch and after-school so that students who need additional time can complete the test.  

STUDENTS:  Make sure you plan your time ahead and keep lunch or after-school "in play", so that if you need the additional time, you are prepared! that parents and students have a "road map" for the present unit, here is the syllabus for Unit 1.  Students previously received this in class but it is good for all of us to be "on the same page" where time management is concerned....

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