Tuesday, July 8, 2014


This is the first post from the first day of the second session of Summer School Biology (July 8-July 22).   Students began this session learning course policies and class rules, then had refresher notes on scientific method:

Students! Here is the Power Point for the notes on 'The Nature of Science'. You will receive a Lecture Guide based on these Notes sometime this week! If you don't have Power Point on your computer, don't worry . . . you can download a free program, Power Point Viewer, to see the notes!

KEEP IN MIND...this summer, in Mr. Hatfield's Classes, we will try to reduce the amount of class time spent taking notes. There are dozens of standards to cover, hundreds of vocabulary terms and other items to master. We need to decrease the amount of time spent in lecture so students can have more time to do activities. Remember: we want to engage as many different parts of the brain as possible, and to do that, we need to have more time to do things other than notes.

At the same time, your Cornell Notes must be complete (all the notes, original questions and comments in the margins, your name/date/course on every page, and summaries of major sections of notes). Therefore, it is the student's responsibility to download and complete any notes that they were not able to finish in class!!

Here are the Power Point notes on DNA and RNA from Chapter 12 of the text.   This material was previously covered in the last three days of the first session of Summer School Biology.   It is recapitulated in this session in part because it is very challenging, and in part because some aspects of DNA structure and function, as well as transcription and translation, is needed to understand aspects of genetics, biotechnology and evolution....

. These Power Point notes are available for download here.

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