Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Seniors:   Your take-home final was given out in class TODAY (Tuesday, May 28th).
It is due tomorrow (Wednesday, May 29th).   If it is not handed in tomorrow, it is PAST DUE and you have a limited amount of time to return it, or else it will be scored as a "zero" out of 300 (owch).   Make sure you hand it in!

Regarding other work not yet graded in the course: at this point, while there is much not entered on ATLAS, there are only so many points left, and so it is possible to determine the likelihood of certain outcomes.   Seniors will receive an Evaluation form this week.  It will look like this:

This is NOT a Final Evaluation, because your percentage grade (and the letter grade attached to it) can not yet be estimated with complete accuracy.   But it will specify the likelihood of certain outcomes.   If you are a Senior, I certainly have no desire to issue a failing grade, but I also feel an obligation to provide you with a realistic assessment of likely outcomes.

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