Friday, February 15, 2013


And, for that matter, the endocrine system as well!

Yes, it's the second group of notes for Unit 6, "Systems for Control and Defense."   That, along with the previous Power Point on Body Systems, will be what is expected to be in student's Cornell Notes on Thursday, Feb. 21st, when they take their first Unit Test of the year.

ALERT!   Students are allowed to use these notes on Thursday's test.....but there is a catch:   the notes need to be in a Composition Book, and the Notes need to be completed, "Cornell style".  

That means they should have original questions and comments in the margins, proper headings on every page (front and back), summaries (in their own words) at the end of each section of notes, and other evidence (highlighting/underlining/drawing etc.) that they have actually reviewed and personalized the notes given in class.  They could reasonably be expected to look something like this.....

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