Friday, November 9, 2012


Environmental Science students: if you haven't completed the notes yet on Chapter 3, you need to do so, and soon.  

When we return from the four-day weekend, we will finish up with an activity on natural selection, and discuss properties of populations, but then there will be a study guide on Wednesday for a test on Friday.   Don't say I didn't warn you!

Here's the Lecture Notes.

Here's a PDF file of the Lecture Guide based upon the notes.   Students will receive this in class next week, but for those who wanted to perhaps get ahead, there ya go.

The title, incidentally, is taken from the Daniel Dennett book which also inspired a two-hour episode of the NOVA 'Evolution' series.    If you have never seen it, and you don't know much about evolution or natural selection, you could do a lot worse that watch it.   It's one of the best pieces of science programming ever put together.   It contains dramatic recreations of important events in Darwin's life, and fantastic demonstrations by leading biologists of various important ideas: diversity, speciation, the role of mutation, the evidence for common descent, and so on.   You can view the whole thing on-line, here.

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