Friday, October 5, 2012


Attention all Environmental Science students!   Your next exam is on Tuesday, Oct. 9th.   

This is an important opportunity for you to "reset" your approach to the course, and thus your grade.

This exam focuses heavily on reviewing basic principles in physics and chemistry that are essential to this course.   As such, most of the concepts and vocabulary will come from your notes, rather than the textbook.  That means it is more important than ever to have your notes completed and perfected, Cornell Note-taking style.

Students are reminded Mr. Hatfield's tests  not only assess your content knowledge, but your organization, preparation and effort.  Mr. Hatfield has previously shared with his students what choices they should make in order to be able to demonstrate these items.

As a further incentive, Mr. Hatfield makes the following offer:  if a student's score on the second unit test is a higher percentage than the first, he will raise the first test score to match the second test.   Yes:  it is possible to turn an 'F' into an 'A'.

To assist students in preparing for the second unit test, Mr. Hatfield has prepared a Study Guide.   This will be given in class.   A copy of the Study Guide in a PDF file is available here.

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