Friday, September 30, 2011


This is the list of assessments in our present Unit, Unit 2. This Unit ends on Thursday, Oct. 13th, with another Unit Test.


On the day of the exam, students should have their Cornell Notebooks with all their current notes completed.

"Completed", in this case, means that they have the following:

1) The page heading on every page, with the student's name, the course (Biology), and the date notes were taken;

2) 3-4 original Questions or Comments written in an extended margin, on every page;

3) Original summaries at the end of each section of notes. For this unit, there will be four sections of notes: Atoms and Molecules, Properties of Water, Carbon: The Basis of Life and The Chemistry of Life

Further, on the day of the exam, students should plan on using additional time, either during LUNCH or AFTER SCHOOL, or BOTH. Afternoon classes (5th and 6th) would be especially advised to begin their test early, during LUNCH

Finally, prior to the exam, there will be an AFTER-SCHOOL STUDY SESSION in Room N-63, based upon a Study Guide given the previous week. This will go from 3:15 - 5:30, on Oct. 13th. Students earn extra credit by participation, and are eligible for grade change if they attend and take advantage of the above strategies in terms of completing their Notes and using additional time, as needed, on Exam Day.

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