Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello, this is another update from Scott Hatfield, your student's Biology instructor at Bullard.

I wanted to advise parents and guardians of two key facts:

First, I am behind on grading as my spouse had surgery on Monday, Jan. 31st. You can expect that many assignments that may be showing as 'zero' on ATLAS have simply not yet been entered. Please review your student's work daily and write me if you need more information. I will catch up!

Secondly....and this is not good at advised that our first test of the year has been graded and entered into ATLAS.

Frankly, the results were actually among the worst I have ever had in a Biology class. That's really bad news....and reflects the fact that many students have "checked out" after Christmas vacation. While it is normal for students to have a hard time getting back in the swing of things after winter break, as their instructor I saw that many students simply failed to prepare. The failure rate was very high. This was a problem even for many students who routinely earned A's and B's in the first semester.

So, please check your student's work on ATLAS. Discuss the importance of work ethic. Remind them that Mr. Hatfield will assign students who don't improve to Saturday School.

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