Monday, November 2, 2009


The Power Point summarizing the Cell Cycle, based on the first two sections of Chapter 10, is available here:

This Power Point contains an outline of photosynthesis, relating it to the 'Great Circle' of chemical reactions that all living things participate it (autotrophs and heterotrophs!), reactions which recycle the raw materials that life requires. Much of this material is covered in the first two sections of Chapter 8 in the Dragonfly Book.

The Power Point for Photosynthesis, Part I, is available here.
A PDF file of the Lecture Guide based on that Power Point can be downloaded here.

The Lecture Guide based on these notes is due THURSDAY, November 5th!

STUDENTS need to be VERY focused on completing work on-time in the next two weeks, as we have a holiday on Wednesday the 11th and a buyback day on Monday the 16th.

The test for this unit follows just two days after the second 'off day', so students who are casual about meeting deadlines at this time could really end up hurting their grade!

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