Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Students in my Biology classes have been assigned a poster project on Human Genetic Disorders. It is worth a significant number of points (100, as much as a test).

Things you need to know about this:

1) I will be giving a progress check on Friday (3/13/09) to make sure the groups have done research and begun answering the questions they must address on the poster. This is for a grade. If a group fails to show any research, they will lose points.

2) There will be an in-class work day for the poster on Monday (3/16/09). Groups that fail to bring in either a completed poster or work to complete the poster will be lose points.

3) Poster Presentations begin the following day, Tuesday (3/17/09). Groups not prepared to present on that day will lose points.

Students should have already exchanged contact information with the other students and made plans to meet and work together outside of class on the poster prior to Monday's class.

So...get to work!

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