Monday, September 22, 2008

THIS WEEK IN BIOLOGY (9/22-9/26, 2008)

Hello! This is Scott Hatfield, your student's Biology instructor at Bullard. Welcome to the first post of my new class blog, 'Biology Knights.' I've begun contacting parents and students via email lists about some fairly important stuff this week, and I'm provising this blog as another way to give 'heads-up' about the class, share important links and provide a means for students to download copies of missing work.

Today (MONDAY the 22nd), students were completing Vocabulary Boxes and their Cornell Notes to prepare for their first UNIT TEST, which is on Wednesday the 24th.

On TUESDAY the 23rd, students will hand in their Vocabulary Boxes and review for the UNIT TEST.

On Wednesday the 24th, students will hand in their Cornell Notes and take their UNIT TEST.

UNIT TESTS are challenging. They have multiple parts with different kinds of assessments to help 'level the playing field.' They typically take an entire class period to give, and I always give students who need it additional time either during lunch or after school to complete the test. Please prepare for the test, to take advantage of the time given, and to attempt EVERYTHING!

The Study Guide for the first Unit Test is available here as a PDF file.

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